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Brisbane The EPA may notify the public of the request for a licence or exemption or works approval and offer the chance for public comment.

You can check your demerit points using any of the below options. Disqualifications for the driving license suspension or receive this firm is a fine and new card for myself. How will my children go to school?

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Lost And Found This application must be made at the time of acknowledging receipt of your disqualification notice.

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How long until an infringement notice is issued for accidentally going through a right turn red light camera?
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The good behaviour period election can be made at any time after the licence holder is served with a notice of demerit point suspension.


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In earlier sentencing submissions, defence counsel David Edwardson QC said it was important to note that while Harrap had initially lied and brought others into his offending, he had not continued to lie when confronted by police.

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Stress how long after the demerit points you to continue to the date? See below for the offences that incur demerit points, and the number of demerit points for each of those offences. Information on the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme.

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Than anyone who refuse to apply for its duration of the sentence. While the cash penalty is annoying, it is at least predictable; the worse the offence, the higher the fine. You can use your receipt as evidence of your registration until your licence arrives.

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The impact of a criminal conviction on your life can be devastating. Armstrong Legal Lawyers for their service, attention to detail and guidance throughout the entire process. Use the hand sanitiser provided.


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Internet Safety There is no right to appeal and no right to a further good behaviour option if you are issued a breach of good behaviour disqualification notice.

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Ben Eyde was very thorough and represented my case in a very professional and diligent manner to achieve the best result.

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Andrew showed knowledge of the legal situation, kept me well informed and worked with me to present the situation in the full light to the Magistrate allowing them to make an informed and empathetic ruling.

It also complies with the Child safe environments: Principles of good practice and Child safe environments: Standards for dealing with information obtained about the criminal history of employees and volunteers who work with children issued by the Chief Executive.


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There are defences available to a charge of driving whilst disqualified. All public sector employees should endeavour to embody the South Australian public sector values at work. Similar provisions apply to certain drug driving offences.

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